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Checklist - Barbie Outfit Ideas

Want to tap into your inner Barbie?

Whatever you decide to wear, wearing pink is an easy quick win. But if you are looking to take your pink to another level we’ve listed some top outfit items - just combine a few and you're good to go!


  • Pink and white gingham dress
  • Sequinned jumpsuit
  • Malibu 80s bodysuit (with pink leggings or shorts)

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  • Pink pumps
  • Pink platforms
  • Pink stiletto heels

Top Tip - Barbie energy is effortless, so wear shoes you can walk in.


  • Headband Ribbons 🎀
  • Hair bow
  • Pink glasses
  • Pink Beret hat
  • Small clutch or shoulder purse 👛

Feeling like you don’t want too much pink? Tone your outfit down with some white pieces so pink is the feature.

Want to take your Barbie energy to the beach? Then grab a chevron stripped/ 1950s vintage swimsuit and some white cat eye sunglasses and gold hooped earrings.

The Barbie movie will be released on 21 July in the US and the UK. Whatever you decide to wear, main thing is to bring your queen b (Barbie) energy.

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Barbie in a car