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FAQs - Nipple Covers

What are nipple covers?

Our covers provide discrete coverage under any outfit. Because of their design they are better than bras as they can provide coverage under backless, low cut, sheer, and cut out outfits without being seen.

How to wear them: simply remove the backing and place the cover on your nipple. Gently peel away from your skin to remove. Do not wear for more than 8 hours at a time. 

Can nipple covers be reused?

Not all covers can be reused, but the good news is that ours can! Ours can be reused well over 20 times with proper care.

Do not wear them for longer than 8 hours at a time. 

Why Lib & Tee’s nipple covers?

Our covers provide fuller coverage due to their size and are provided in different shades to cater to more skin tones. They are reusable and waterproof too!

Are they sweat proof?

Yes our covers are sweat proof and waterproof 💦

Can I clean or wash nipple covers?

Yes, that's what is great about them. To clean them, simply hand wash in water (luke warm, make sure it is not hot!) using mild soap 🧼. Then leave to dry and you are good to go! 

How to make nipple covers sticky again?

We provide you with the backing to store your covers on after use to help maintain the “sticky-ness” so they are sticky to use again. After cleaning them, once the covers are dry simply place them back on the backing provided to retain the "sticky-ness".

Do you provide nipple covers/nipple pasties for men?

Yes our products are designed to be worn by anyone, no matter your chest size or whether you have small or big nipples. We've got you covered.

How do I know which shade to go for?

Click on the nipple cover shade you think you are. By the pictures, you will see small arrows on the left and right. Click the arrow on the right to see pictures of our shade chart. If you are still not sure which shade to use, please talk to us using the chat box and we'll help you pick a shade.

I have a larger bust, will they work for me?

Our covers work on all chest sizes!

I’m sold, where can I buy your nipple covers/nipple pasties?

Exclusively available on our website!

Where can I buy your nipple covers near me? What happens if you don't ship to my location?

You can place your order online and we ship in the UK and internationally. If when you place your order you notice that we do not currently ship to your location, please send us an email and we can look into whether we can send a custom order to your location 🧡

Have more questions? Please send us an email or talk to us directly via the live chat box.