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Can bee pollen grow your breasts?

Following recent TikTok videos with people claiming that eating bee pollen made their breasts grow, we’ve done some research to see whether this is a coincidence or actually possible.

Benefits of bee pollen

  • Anti flammatory
  • Kills bacteria 🦠
  • Clears skin
  • Rich in protein

Please note some people may be allergic to bee pollen and people such as pregnant woman are advised not to take this. Like everything, bee pollen also has side effects which should be weighed up before taking.

Bee pollen & breasts growth

In response to the recent viral videos, medical professionals have noted that breast size is largely determined by a variety of factors such as hormonal influences and genetics.

A diet containing phytoestrogens (a compound which comes from plants that can be found in bee pollen) can mimic estrogen.  However there is no large scientific study that concludes for a certainty that bee pollen has this effect.

Whether you decide to listen to the hype or stay a distance, the key is to make sure you always do your research, especially when it comes to your health.



Note: this article does not include medical advice and provided for information purposes only.