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Sneak Peak into Sophie Richie - Background & style of the latest “IT girl”

Sophia Richie in a blue Khaite dress

Image source: @Sophiarichie (Instagram)

Unless you are on a desert island alone with no internet access for the last two days, you would have not missed the most talked about bride, Sofia Richie. Here at Lib & Tee we’re here as always to give you a brief low down on the latest fashion trends and icons. In this brief article we’ll walk you through who Sophie Richie is, why she is trending & how her style may be about to change the game.

Who is Sophia Richie & why is she trending?

Sophia Richie is the daughter of famous American artist Lionel Richie. Sophia is currently 24 years old and is Beauty Director of NudeStix. Sophia is also known for previously dating Justin Bieber and Scott Disick. This weekend (22 April, 2033) Sophie Richie got married to Elliot Grange (Record executive and owner of 10k Projects) in the South of France. The stunning wedding location (Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes), plus the background of couple, were the initial ingredients for this wedding to catch attention. Whether it was Vogue having exclusive features, Chanel designing Sophia’s custom wedding dresses or Sophia showcasing her elegant outfits with the world during her wedding weekend, this wedding was a showcase.

Sophia Richie’s Style & The Fashion Shift

Timeless and elegant are two words we would use to describe Sophia Richie. Whether Sophia wears her long flowy dresses or perfectly tailored shorter pieces, her outfits oud luxury and class. With fast fashion becoming so common, carefully crafted pieces are a breath of fresh air - distinct and making a statement. Sophie’s down to earth aura, coupled with her fashionable elegant style are certainly turning heads and showing that this timeless fashion style can still be attractive. We’re sure to see a shift in more people being inspired by this fashion style and we’re here for it. One of the fashion trends we expect to see is the emergence of more Sophia Richie inspired styles, from long flowy cotton, linen and silk dresses to blazers and vintage shoes.

Sophia Richie