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Stormzy - Mel Made Me Do It - Meaning, Who is Mel & Outfits

So Stormzy‘s new track Mel Made Me Do It is an absolute work of art but we know you have questions about the meaning of “Mel Made Me Do It” and who is Mel? We give you low down and will also take a closer look at some of Stormzy‘s outfits in his latest video.

So firstly who is Mel?
Mel, also known as Melissa’s Wardrobe through her social media handles, is amongst other things a fashion stylist from the UK and she’s also Stormzy’s fashion stylist. She styled Stormzy’s outfits in his latest video. Mel can also be seen in Stormzy’s video (around the middle and shown in our feature image for this article) where she makes a stunning appearance in a neon green and black outfit and can be seen taking a roller from her Birkin to dust off Stormzy’s outfit.

So what does “Mel made me do it” mean?
The phrase “Mel made me do it” or MMMDI is not new and has been used for many years. The phrase references Mel’s influence. Mel has been noted for her massive influence in influencing
people such as her social media followers - once Mel recommends products, from candles to skin care products, they sell out fast! Mel has an exceptional flare, attention to detail and never misses a beat when it comes to good quality products - helping her to build trust amongst her audience and be inspirational and influential. The result - people trust Mel’s recommendations,  run to get them before they sell out and later say “Mel Made Me Do It”.

So what did Mel make Stormzy’s do?
For one, explore and expand his style as seen in the range of outfits Mel styles him in, including in his latest video. We’ll take a look at Stormzy’s outfits in Mel Made Me Do It in the next article.