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Ultimate Checklist - Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour Outfits


As your concert day approaches are you still figuring out what to wear?

We've got you covered with these three words -  Metallic, Silver & Cowboy.

To make it quick and easy to put your outfit together, we've listed some top outfit items - just combine a few and you're good to go!


  • Silver corset
  • Silver jumpsuit 
  • Sequin dress
  • Tassle dress
  • Tassle trousers
  • Leather corset/trousers
  • Denim dress
  • Mesh Tank
  • Fringe jacket

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  • Silver or metallic cowboy boots
  • Sequin boots
  • Fringe boots
  • Thigh high boots

Top Tip - Beyoncé is said to be performing for up to 3 hours so make sure your shoes are super comfortable.


  • Disco cowboy hat
  • Fringe cowboy hat
  • Silver bum bag 
  • Silver sunglasses

Whatever you decide to wear, main thing is to ensure maximum comfort so you can enjoy Queen Bee's full performance.